Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Bitcoins with CoinTrade?

The CoinTrade technique helps you earn Bitcoins by dramatically increasing the probability of making a successful investment in Binary Options trading. The Bitcoin profit you earn is from the payout - up to 181% of the Bitcoins you invest - for the Binary Options you choose to invest in.

How does CoinTrade increase the odds of earning Bitcoins?

The CoinTrade method is the result of the compilation of statistics from many different Binary Options traders' trading histories with the goal of locating and isolating the conditions that allow for high likelihood of success in each Binary Options investment. By using the CoinTrade method, you are using a technique proven by years of research to increase the probability of making a successful Binary Options trade.

What are the risks of using the CoinTrade technique?

Like any other form of investing, Binary Options trading does involve the risk of losing your initial investment. However, Binary Options trading differs from all other forms of investing in two fundamental ways: (1) First, even if your Binary Options trade is unsuccessful, you will still receive a percentage of investment back - usually around 15%; and, (2) Second, you have AT WORST a 50/50 (1 out of 2) chance of making Bitcoins with Binary Options since there is only one decision with two possible outcomes that must be made with each investment.

What are options?

An option is a contract that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset (for example: a share of stock) at a specific price at a certain date. An option, just like a stock or bond, is a security.

What is the difference between "regular" options and binary options?

A binary option is a type of option where the payoff is a fixed amount of money which is determined by the percentage payout listed on the option at the time of purchase. The payout is made if the option expires either: (1.) ABOVE the trading price at the time of purchase AND the investor chose CALL; Or (2.) BELOW the trading price at the time of purchase AND the investor chose PUT.

How much time does it take to earn Bitcoins with binary options?

Binary options can be purchased with as little as 5 minutes remaining before their time of expiry, which means that if you invest 10 Bitcoins in an option 5 minutes before it expires and you choose correctly, you can make up to 8.2 Bitcoin in 5 minutes on your 10 Bitcoins investment.

How do I know financial market quotes given for binary options are accurate?

The financial market quotes provided on binary options for all assets (foreign currency exchange, commodities, stock indices and stock shares) are provided by the Thomson Reuters news agency which has been reporting financial news since its establishment in 1865 and is considered the most authoritative source for financial news.

Can I sell my binary option after I've purchased it?

Most binary options trading websites offer to "buy back" options that traders have invested in if they desire to cancel the option. Moreover, traders also have the ability of using the "Rollover" function to push an option's expiry time further to a next available expiry time in exchange for a small fee in order to allow the underlying asset win more time to reach the strike price.

How do I withdraw my Bitcoins from binary options trading?

You can withdraw your Bitcoins at any time via your online bitcoin wallet, Skrill, Neteller or direct Wire transfer to a bank of your choice.

How many Bitcoins should I deposit to start trading binary options?

Like all other forms of investment, your returns are based on your initial investment. So, if you invest 10 Bitcoins and the payout for the option is 182%, your profits will be higher than if you invest 2 Bitcoins with the same payout of 182%. With that in mind, it's best to deposit as many Bitcoins as you can to start.

What payment methods can I use to deposit and start trading binary options?

You can deposit Bitcoins with your online bitcoin wallet, Skrill and Neteller. However, if none from any of the methods previously listed is available to you, you can also initiate a direct Wire transfer from your bank.

How can I see an underlying asset's previous trading history in order to evaluate how its value is fluctuating over time?

If you would like to conduct in-depth research on a specific asset's trading history in order to understand how its value has fluctuated over time, you can use the Chart Tab interface in order to look at asset's value over time. Simply click on the tabs above the chart and select one to view the asset's previous value within 30 minutes and 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 hour intervals.

How can I be sure that the rates for the stocks, forex pairs, commodities and stock indices are accurate?

Traders can verify all the rates that are issued by a binary option trading platform by viewing their "Expiry Rates" page which delineates the exact rate that each binary option expires with. If there is any doubt as to the accuracy of these rates, you can simply contact customer support and if any discrepancy is found, your trade will be refunded immediately.

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